Discover your Life Purpose in an Hour

You’re a ‘Soulpreneur,’ ready to take your business and your life to a whole new level.

Hear that? A quiet calling? Maybe a longing in your soul? Listen closely. It could be your inner voice, telling you to seek your life’s purpose.
How do you find it? It’s not always easy. I spent years trying to identify mine through meditation, vision quests, and other journeys. I felt like something was missing…
Then I discovered scientific hand analysis.

I learned that there’s a wealth of information about us visible on our hands. It’s vital information about our relationships, our career, and how we deal with money. I was awestruck.

We have the answers to our biggest questions in our hands!

Within each of our unique fingerprints is the blueprint to our life purpose, our lessons, and our blind spots.

The lines in our palms reveal the neural pathways in our brains, mapping how we think, relate to others, and process emotions, as well as how our innate gifts and talents can be applied to our work in the world.

In scientific hand analysis, the information from our fingerprints and palm are combined, allowing us to access deep insight that can lead us to the kind of success and fulfillment we’ve always wanted.

What I do:

Perform a life purpose analysis of you, and then pair it with personalized coaching to help you step into your true power. Together, we identify, plan, and execute a vision of yourself.

The coaching is just as important as the analysis. I designed it to support you and your process of change, in a practical and playful way, with fast results.

Together, we learn more about your unique design, and how you can use it to step into your purpose, dreams and goals.

Want to know more?

Call me for a free consultation at 720-301-0539.

Ready to live your life with purpose and passion, and realize true success for the value you bring to the world?

Live in the Denver/Boulder area? I can do your one-hour scientific hand analysis session in-person. Otherwise, sessions are performed via Skype. You also receive a full hand analysis report and an audio file of the session.