Want to host your own scientific hand analysis circle?

Invite 10-12 friends for an evening to remember!

Each participant receives a short hand analysis and listens to a brief introductory seminar. They’ll learn more about how hand analysis can help them discover their life purpose, and the impact it can have on their career, finances, health, and relationships. They’ll unlock new insight into their spiritual lessons, hidden gifts, and relational tendencies.

Scientific hand analysis is a modern biometric tool that gives you valuable information about yourself from the lines in your fingerprints and palms. You’ll discover your greatest gifts and talents, uncover your biggest challenges, and see with renewed clarity your life purpose.

Love to entertain friends and  be a catalyst for their growth? This is a perfect opportunity to share a powerful learning experience and transformational gift.

Host a hand analysis circle at your home or place of business. You’ll earn a full hand analysis session for yourself, a $497 value!

Call me to schedule a hand reading circle: 720-301-0539