I use Scientific Hand Analysis, a modern biometric tool that gives you valuable information about yourself from the lines in your fingerprints and palms. You’ll discover your greatest gifts and talents, uncover your biggest challenges, and see with renewed clarity your life purpose.

What is Scientific Hand Analysis?

  • A modern biometric tool that combines ancient hand-reading, recent scientific data, and current advances in psychology and neuroscience.
  • A method of reading the blueprint for your life purpose through the lines in your palms and fingertips. Studies on tens of thousands of hands have shown that the lines represent neural pathways in our brains.
  • Different from ancient palmistry, which is a tool of divination that emerged from the Far East more than 5,000 years ago.
  • Repeatable and teachable. It does not require psychic ability.
  • Avoids being predictive. It can’t tell you how many children or marriages you’ll have. That’s under your control!

It’s perfect if you:

  • Feel there’s something more to your life.
  • Seek greater fulfillment in your work and life.
  • Desire better relationships with family, friends, and associates.
  • Know you can earn more money!
  • Want your employees to become more engaged in their work.
  • See yourself as a creative, visionary leader, yearning to make a greater impact in the world.

What can I learn from it??

  • Your life purpose. The area of your greatest strengths and fulfillment. What you are on earth to accomplish.
  • Your life lesson. Your greatest obstacle or blind spot to become conscious of and master.
  • Insight into how you think, feel, and communicate; your stamina; and possible hidden talents.
  • The brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to change) means the lines in your hands can change, too!

How will I benefit?

  • Gain new knowledge and certainty of your life purpose.
  • Learn how to manifest your purpose fully and quickly to generate more success and income.
  • Discover blind spots or obstacles and how to transcend them.
  • Better understand your approach to projects, tasks, career, and frustration.
  • Learn about your physical, mental, and emotional stamina so you can listen to and abide by your body rhythms.
  • Create and develop improved romantic and work relationships.
  • Invite a greater connection to your spirit.


What others are saying:

“Deirdre’s hand analysis was surprisingly spot-on and helped reaffirm certain virtues and battles within myself and my life. It was a very moving experience that I would recommend to anyone, especially if you have any confusion about your identity and life’s purpose.”
– Scott Morrison, Eye Candy Productions

“I was part of a Master Mind group that Deirdre facilitated. She is to the point and did a great job of helping me see a bigger picture for my business. She thinks outside the box and she is result-oriented. I am happy to recommend her as a business coach and Master Mind facilitator.”
– Karen Rudat, Empowerment Coach

“Deirdre is a wonderful listener, contributor and out-of-the-box thinker. She utilizes tools of the business that help me tap into my passions as a entrepreneur, business owner and creative generator. I enjoy our brainstorming and her bubbly personality.”
– Marni Myers, Chief Creative Officer, Graphic Designer

“I doubled my sales within 30 days after working with Deirdre!”
– Chuck Jackson – American Express Open Business Consultant