Engage 2.0
Attend an 8-week Strategic Planning Group for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.


Continue getting ready for big things in 2018. It’s going to be your year!

Now that you’ve begun planning your year ahead, engage in a group environment that includes Biz Savvy coach Deirdre Dalton Webb and your fellow business owners. Step further into topics you’ve begun to explore in a place of education, guidance, and support around your business plans.

Dive deeper in to the topics that include:

  • Committing to Your Compelling Vision
  • Breaking Your ‘Inner Glass Ceiling’
  • Creating a Marketing Recipe for Success
  • Shifting your Mindset around Marketing & Sales
  • Working Your Network
  • Focusing on Your Finances and your Energy
  • Learning to Delegate

What participants may expect:

  • A celebration of your wins.
  • An opportunity to evaluate areas of improvement.
  • Coaching around problems and challenges.
  • Input on solutions from other participants.
  • An opportunity to offer your own insights, experience, and wisdom.

This educational and mastermind-style group is now open to applicants.

The 8-week program starts Thursday, March 1 and lasts for eight consecutive weeks – except March 29 (BVSD Spring Break). All meetings start at 4:00 p.m. and will last approximately 75 minutes. Hurry! Spaces are limited. The program will be held at 4845 Pearl East Circle, Suite 101, in Boulder, Colorado.

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