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"I doubled my sales within 30 days after working with Deirdre!"

− Chuck Jackson – American Express Open Business Consultant

Business Strategy

Passion! It’s what led you to start your business. And even though you’ve come a long way, you desire more. More clients, more sales, and definitely more income. You’re seeking a tipping point in your business and life. You’re ready to step into that joyful, powerful place in which your longing is made manifest in the world.

The path forward starts here. Biz Savvy was founded to help you identify what you love and make money doing it, so you can live your life with purpose and passion.

It’s a simple and joyful process. I help you look at what does and doesn’t work for you. Then I guide you through visualizing and meditating on what you most yearn for. You’re invited to sit with it, and focus on it, from your heart. You get to hold your deepest intentions up as sacred, and give them a beautiful place in which to play.

You’ll be empowered to create what you truly desire. You will be on the path to realizing true success for your value and contribution to the world.


Scientific Hand Analysis

A Biz Savvy consultation can also include hand analysis, a modern biometric tool that gives you valuable information about yourself from the lines in your fingerprints and palms. You’ll discover your greatest gifts and talents, uncover your biggest challenges, and see with renewed clarity your life purpose. It’s perfect if you:

  • Feel there’s something more to your life.
  • Seek greater fulfillment in your work and life.
  • Desire better relationships with family, friends, and associates.
  • Know you can earn more money!
  • Want your employees to become more engaged in their work.
  • See yourself as a creative, visionary leader, yearning to make a greater impact in the world.


About Me

My name is Deirdre Dalton Webb, and I own and operate Biz Savvy. I’m a mom to three kids and three dogs.

My purpose is to be a catalyst of growth for entrepreneurs and business owners.

As a consultant and coach, in business for 22 years, I help facilitate and accelerate this growth in both business and life. I’ve expressed my purpose all over the world. It’s fueled me to travel to every continent except Antarctica!

I watch with excitement and gratitude as my clients access their natural power, express their passion, and work to make the world a better place. Along the way, they sometimes double, and even triple their income!

I discovered my life purpose while on a vision quest in 2001. I realized then that I could be an inspiration for others to live their lives with purpose and passion.

According to my own scientific hand analysis: I serve as a successful pioneering teacher to visionary leaders.

Are you that leader? Are you ready?


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